Characteristics of the Dual Model among the OECD Countries

Bartha, Zoltán [Bartha, Zoltán (Gazdaságelmélet), szerző] Gazdaságelméleti Intézet (ME / GTK); Sáfrányné, Gubik Andrea [Sáfrányné Gubik, Andrea (Gazdaságelmélet), szerző] Gazdaságelméleti Intézet (ME / GTK)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk)
    Deciding on the development path of the economy has been a delicate question in economic policy, not least because of the trade-off effects which immediately worsen certain economic indicators as steps are taken to improve on others. The paper offers help to decide on such policy dilemmas, based on an analysis conducted among OECD countries with the FOI model (focusing on the future, outside and inside potentials). Several development models can be deduced with this method, from which only the dual model is discussed in detail. The dual model implies a development strategy focused on the attraction of outside resources, the instruments of which are also presented. The findings presented in the paper are part of a large OTKA (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund) study, which develops step by the step the methodology of the FOI model and discusses all of the development models found among OECD countries.
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    2020-08-15 22:30