Practical cyberdefense in E-government systems

Krasznay, Csaba [Krasznay, Csaba (katonai műszaki t...), szerző] E-közszolgálati Fejlesztési Intézet (NKE / KTK); Elektronikus Közszolgálati Intézet (NKE / ÁKK); Muha, Lajos [Muha, Lajos (Informatikai bizt...), szerző] Katonai Üzemeltető Intézet (NKE / HHK); Szádeczky, Tamás [Szádeczky, Tamás (biztonságmenedzsment), szerző] E-közszolgálati Fejlesztési Intézet (NKE / KTK)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Absztrakt / Kivonat (Egyéb konferenciaközlemény)
    Cyberdefense is one of the most important questions of national security in many countries nowadays. Governments shall ensure the protection of critical information infrastructures, such as e-government systems. The most serious threats against these systems come from the lack of user awareness and poorly written software. These risks can be reduced by specific legislation. The cyberdefense legislation framework for e-government systems is different from traditional IT security policies. When we talk about cyberthreats we shall count on advanced persistent threats, which mean highly motivated and well-funded attackers who use previously unknown attacks mainly for secret information or extended damage. The legislation shall count on this difference. This legislation framework shall be adopted both in national and EU level. As EU’s Digital Agenda 2020 Pillar III describes there are various areas of cyber security are in the focus. National laws and standards shall be seamlessly integrated into this high level requirement set. In the presentation we plan to draw up a specific cyberdefense legislation that rules the development and operation of e-government systems for citizens and businesses and conforms to EU efforts and the Hungarian cybersecurity law. The actuality of this paper is the acceptance of the Hungarian law and the initiation of Hungarian egovernment system update, and can be used in other countries who are in the same situation.
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    2021-10-27 13:19