A genre-based description of business emails

Zsubrinszky, Zsuzsanna [Zsubrinszky, Zsuzsanna (Nyelvpedagógia), szerző]

Angol nyelvű Tudományos PhD (Disszertáció)
Megjelent: , 216 p. 2009
    The main aim of this dissertation is to propose an analytical model for the structural and linguistic description of business email as a genre, as no analytical tool has been created so far that would capture the stereotypical discoursal/structural characteristics of this genre. More precisely, the study puts forward a theory- and data-based model, the so-called Email Genre Model (EGM) for the structural and linguistic description of business emails in English, which is then tested on 30 English L1, 30 English L2 and 30 Hungarian L1 business emails. The theoretical starting points of the undertaking are the CARS (Create a Research Space) model developed by Swales (1990) and Bhatia’s (1993) Promotional Genre Model. It will be shown that the move/step technique of genre analysis developed originally for the study of academic genres can be applied not only for business letters and legal documents but to business emails as well. Therefore, the newly developed EGM is tested for its reliability and validity in revealing the cross-cultural rhetorical traditions and patterns in business emails. The results of the analysis show that there are culturally-determined differences between English and Hungarian business people’s L1 and L2 discourse in terms of rhetorical structure as well as linguistic characteristics. I will also point to the pedagogical implications that the current comprehensive analysis offers for the methodology of teaching Business English writing in the Hungarian EFL context.
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