Evidencing work based learning online

Miklós, Biró [Bíró, Miklós (Matematika és szá...), szerző] Információrendszerek Tanszék (BCE / II)

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    The PLATO e-Learning project fundamentally aims to support mobility, a high priority issue being promoted by the EU. There are several initiatives trying to do this, one of which is the Europass initiative of the European Commission whose aim is to promote the transparency of diplomas, certificates and competences in Europe. While EuroPASS has now standardised how CVs, working certificates, and experience descriptions are issued, it does not offer a process to get full recognition and accreditation of specific skills/job roles accredited in industry and university. EuroPASS currently contains a Mobility Document with a Description of the Europass Mobility Experience and a Description of Skills and Competences Acquired During the Europass Mobility Experience. The PLATO e-Learning project goes further and actually provides a platform to test and certify these experiences online using the Capability Advisor tool as part of an Integrated European Skills Acquisition System. The objective of this paper is to analyse the advantages and the challenges raised by online testing systems in general and to highlight the opportunities of the use of these systems in the case of certifying work based learning in particular. The Online Certification- Testing Procedure offered by this paper was incorporated in the general purpose Capability Advisor tool.
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    2021-10-24 20:25