Ontology-based mobile learning and knowledge testing

Reka, Vas [Vas, Réka (Ontológiai fejles...), author] Department of Information Systems (CUB); Barna, Kovacs [Kovács, Barna (Információrendszerek), author] Department of Information Systems (CUB); Gabor, Kismihok [Kismihók, Gábor (Gazdálkodástudomány), author] Department of Information Systems (CUB)

English Article (Journal Article) Scientific
  • SJR Scopus - Computer Science Applications: Q3
  • Computer and information sciences
The article presents the architecture of a complex, mobilised content authoring system. This approach changes the current structure of content development at Corvinus University of Budapest, serving the needs of mobile learners better by enabling context and location aware learning. Through its main components – educational ontology, content management system, adaptive testing system, mobilised learning management system – the system is also capable to tackle the challenges of communication, collaboration and content delivery regardless of time and space. Certain components were even tested by business informatics BSc students and the outcomes of this pilot are also described in detail.
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2022-11-27 20:30