Managing crisis

Bakacsi, Gyula [Bakacsi, Gyula (Vezetés-szervezés), szerző] Szervezeti Magatartás Tanszék (BCE / VI)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk)
    The traditional approach to crisis management suggest autocratic leadership, that has risks anyway (leader is the bottle-neck of problem solving, single-loop learning, crisis management is a matter of efficiency). However, managing nowadays crisis is rather effectiveness issue, and requires double-loop learning (second-order change) and leadership role in the sense of Kotter’s theory. Paper discusses the top-management’s leadership responsibilities, and their special tasks in the problem solving process of change. Inappropriate perception of leadership responsibilities and insisting upon first-order change strategy results in becoming part of the problem, rather that part of the solution of the problem.
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    2021-12-01 16:22