Business relationships and relationships with stakeholders – Perception of Hungarian executives.

Esse, Bálint [Esse, Bálint (Döntéselmélet), author] Department of Decision Sciences (CUB / IFA); Szántó, Richárd [Szántó, Richárd (Döntéselmélet), author] Department of Decision Sciences (CUB / IFA); Wimmer, Ágnes [Wimmer, Ágnes (Üzleti teljesítmé...), author] Department of Decision Sciences (CUB / IFA)

English Scientific Article (Journal Article)
Published: THE IMP JOURNAL 0809-7259 0809-7259 6 (2) pp. 98-108 2012
    Relationships are crucial concepts in numerous management theoretical frameworks. Both stakeholder theory and IMP’s business network approach put business and non-business relations in the forefront. However, the two theories – stakeholder and business network – are seldom discussed together, and stakeholder theory rarely appears in the IMP literature. In this paper although we want to focus on supply chain relations we strive to conduct our analysis within a more general framework of stakeholder theory. In our research we observed and analyzed the mutual expectations related to various stakeholder groups – business partners (suppliers and buyers) among them. Keywords: business relationships, stakeholder theory, managerial expectations
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