Integration of Open Source and Commercial Software for a Neurosurgical Robot System

Tian, Xia; Tamás, Haidegger [Haidegger, Tamás (orvosi robotika), author]; Peter, Kazanzides

English Abstract (Conference paper) Scientific
    We have developed a cooperatively-controlled robot system to assist with skull base surgery. The goal is to improve the safety and efficacy of brain surgery while significantly reducing the operating time. Our system has three major advantages: 1) increased mechanical stability, 2) visualization of the tool’s position with respect to a 3D model of the patient, and 3) enforcement of a safety boundary (virtual fixture), defined on a preoperative image, that prevents tool penetration into critical regions. Together, these features greatly increase the safety and the reliability of the procedure, easing the surgeon’s task and potentially reducing the time of operation. This development leveraged research interfaces to commercial systems, including the Medtronic StealthStation and the ISS NeuroMate robot, as well as open source software such as 3D Slicer, Visualization ToolKit (VTK), OpenTracker and the CISST libraries. This paper will present the details of the system integration with a discussion of the advantages gained by using these packages, together with some of the limitations and lessons learned.
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    2022-08-09 00:18