Late Berriasian ammonite assemblage and biostratigraphy of the Leube quarry near Salzburg (Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria)

Bujtor, L [Bujtor, László (Őslénytan), szerző]; Krische, O; Gawlick, H-J

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk)
  • SJR Scopus - Paleontology: Q3
    The Leube quarry (near Salzburg, Austria) exposes a 340 m thick Upper Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous sequence of the Oberalm, Schrambach, and Rossfeld formations of the Lower Tirolic Unit of the Northern Calcareous Alps. It provided a poorly preserved and re-deposited ?Djurjuriceras sp. from an intercalating breccia bed in the Oberalm Formation. From the marl and alternating marl-limestone part of the Schrambach Formation a Late Berriasian ammonite fauna was collected, which represents the Subthurmannia boissieri Zone. Subzonal division was impossible. The diverse ammonite fauna has a Mediterranean character. Beside phylloceratid, lytoceratid and haploceratid ammonoids, a diverse olcostephanid, berriasellid and neocomitid ammonite assemblage was determined including Spiticeras cf. bulliforme, S. div. sp., Negreliceras cf. negreli, Berriasella (Berriasella) calisto, B. (B.) sp. aff. picteti, Pomeliceras (Mazenoticeras) sp. aff. iovkovciense, Erdenella cf. isaris, Tirnovella cf. alpillensis, Fauriella boissieri, F. donzei, F. shipkovensis, F. sp., and Kilianella ex gr. chamalocensis. Eight species are reported for the first time from Austria. This fauna provides a faunal link between the Mediterranean ammonite faunas from SE Spain, SE France, Bulgaria, and Crimea.
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    2020-07-06 13:26