Black spot treatment system using a „hunting for irregular pattern” process and a safety knowledge-base

Szénási, Sándor [Szénási, Sándor (Informatika), szerző] Neumann János Informatikai Kar (BMF); Jankó, D

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Könyvrészlet)
    Road accidents are accumulated in certain spots of the nation- wide network of public roads, due to reasons that cannot be foreseen in some cases. Identifying the spaces of accumulation (black spots), discovering and eliminating the reasons that generate these black spots, or in short, managing black spots forms and important part of public road safety activities. The management of black spots may be promoted by computerised processes. The lecture described the research and development activities pursued by the authors in this field and the software elaborated as a result of this, which finds probable black spots by a special procedure using a “data mining” process. Users can proficiently and quickly identify the causes of accidents taking place in identified black spots and the method of efficient intervention using engineering methods and analyses. The work may be assisted by the “expert system”, development of which started only recently. The lecture describes the system structure and presents the operation of the programme produced to date.
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    2021-10-18 10:49