Extension of iterator traits in the C++ standard template library

Pataki, N [Pataki, Norbert (Informatika), szerző] Programozási Nyelvek és Fordítóprogramok Tanszék (ELTE / IK); Porkoláb, Z [Porkoláb, Zoltán (Programozási nyel...), szerző] Programozási Nyelvek és Fordítóprogramok Tanszék (ELTE / IK)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Könyvrészlet)
    The C++ Standard Template Library is the flagship example for libraries based on the generic programming paradigm. The usage of this library is intended to minimize classical C/C++ error, but does not warrant bug-free programs. Furthermore, many new kinds of errors may arise from the inaccurate use of the generic programming paradigm, like dereferencing invalid iterators or misunderstanding remove-like algorithms. In this paper we present typical scenarios, that can cause runtime problems. We emit warnings while these constructs are used without any modification in the compiler. We argue for an extension of the STL's iterator traits in order to emit these warnings. We also present a general approach to emit "customized" warnings. We support the so-called believe-me marks to disable warnings. © 2011 Polish Info Processing Soc.
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    2020-11-24 11:02