Evaluation of the thyroid function of healthy pregnant women by five different hormone assays.

Berta, E [Berta, Eszter (orvostudományok, ...), szerző]; Samson, L; Lenkey, A [Lenkey, Ágota (endokrinológia, i...), szerző] Laboratóriumi Medicina Intézet (DE / ÁOK); Erdei, A [Erdei, Annamária (Orvostudomány), szerző] A épület (DE / KK / BelgyKL); Cseke, B; Jenei, K; Major, T; Jakab, A [Jakab, Attila (Szülészet-nőgyógy...), szerző]; Jenei, Z [Jenei, Zoltán (belgyógyászat, ka...), szerző]; Paragh, G [Paragh, György (Belgyógyászat), szerző] A épület (DE / KK / BelgyKL); Nagy, EV [Nagy, Endre (Endokrinológia), szerző] A épület (DE / KK / BelgyKL); Bodor, M [Bodor, Miklós (Endokrinológia, K...), szerző] A épület (DE / KK / BelgyKL)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk)
Megjelent: PHARMAZIE 0031-7144 65 (6) pp. 436-439 2010
  • SJR Scopus - Pharmaceutical Science: Q2
    A normal function of the thyroid gland during pregnancy is essential. Any change can affect both the pregnant woman and the fetus. Thyroid hormones play a crucial role in the brain development of the fetus, thus proper maternal free thyroid hormone levels are important especially during the first trimester. We compared the free thyroid hormone levels FT3 and FT4 in forty pregnant women with no thyroidal disease by five different assays available on the market. The blood samples were collected between the 8th and 22nd weeks of pregnancy. The correlation coefficient "r" between different assays was 0.908-0.975 for TSH, 0.676-0.892 for FT4 and 0.480-0.789 for FT3. These data show that the inter-assay results varied widely in the studied population. One reasonable explanation may be that during pregnancy the serum levels of the thyroid hormone binding proteins are altered and "free" hormone measurements by immunoassays are influenced by these alterations. Thus, the results may show higher or lower thyroid hormone values depending upon the assay used. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that every laboratory should establish its own pregnant reference ranges for the tests used for the evaluation of thyroid function, based on values of the population served.
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