Quadrilateral mesh generation from point clouds by a Monte Carlo method

Roth, A [Róth, Ágoston-István (számítógépi grafi...), author]; Juhasz, I [Juhász, Imre (Számítógéppel seg...), author] Ábrázoló Geometriai Tanszék (ME / FMEIS)

English Scientific Conference paper (Chapter in Book)
    We present a Monte Carlo method that generates a quadrilateral mesh from a point cloud. The proposed algorithm evolves an initial quadrilateral mesh towards the point cloud which mesh is constructed by means of the skeleton of the input points. The proposed technique proves to be useful in case of relatively complex point clouds that describe smooth and non-self-intersecting surfaces with junctions/branches and loops. The resulted quadrilateral mesh may be used to reconstruct the surfaces by means of tensor product patches such as B-spline or NURBS.
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    2021-11-29 18:35