Sixth International Conference on High Speed Machining 2007

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Megjelent: , San Sebastián, Spanyolország 2007
Konferencia: 6th International Conference on High Speed Machining 2007-03-21 [San Sebastián, Spanyolország]
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    Self-excited nonlinear vibrations occurring in the machining \nprocesses are investigated in this paper. Our treatment applies \nanalytical techniques to a one degree of freedom but strongly \nnonlinear mechanical model of the turning process. This tool \nenable us to describe and analyse the highly nonlinear dynamics \nof the appearing periodic and more complicated motions. Using \nnormal form calculations for the delay-differential equation \nmodel, we prove that the low-amplitude vibrations are unstable \nall along the stability lobes due to the subcriticality of Hopf \nbifurcations. This means that self-excited vibrations of the \nmachine tool may occur below the stability boundaries predicted \nby the linear theory. Zones of bi-stability are presented in the \ntraditional stability lobe diagram.
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