ELM pace making and mitigation by pellet injection in ASDEX Upgrade

Lang, PT; Conway, GD; Eich, T; Fattorini, L; Gruber, O; Gunter, S; Horton, LD; Kalvin, S [Kálvin, Sándor Csaba, szerző] Plazmafizikai Főosztály (KFKI RMKI); Kallenbach, A; Kaufmann, M; Kocsis, G [Kocsis, Lajos Gábor (Plazmafizika, kva...), szerző] Plazmafizikai Főosztály (KFKI RMKI); Lorenz, A; Manso, ME; Maraschek, M; Mertens, V; Neuhauser, J; Nunes, I; Schneider, W; Suttrop, W; Urano, H

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Sokszerzős vagy csoportos szerzőségű szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk)
Megjelent: NUCLEAR FUSION 0029-5515 1741-4326 44 (5) pp. 665-677 2004
  • SJR Scopus - Condensed Matter Physics: D1
    In ASDEX Upgrade, experimental efforts aim to establish pace making and mitigation of type-I edge localized modes (ELMs) in high confinement mode (H-mode) discharges. Injection of small size cryogenic deuterium pellets (similar to(1.4 mm)(2) x 0.2 mm approximate to 2.5 x 10(19) D) at rates up to 83 Hz imposed persisting ELM control without significant fuelling, enabling for investigations well inside the type-I ELM regime. The approach turned out to meet all required operational features. ELM pace making was realized with the driving frequency ranging from I to 2.8 times the intrinsic ELM frequency, the upper boundary set by hardware limits. ELM frequency enhancement by pellet pace making causes much less confinement reduction than by engineering means like heating, gas bleeding or plasma shaping. Confinement reduction similar tof -0.16/(ELM) is observed in contrast to the similar tof-0.6/(ELM) typical for engineering parameters. Matched discharges showed triggered ELMs ameliorated with respect to intrinsic counterparts while their frequency was increased. No significant differences were found in the ELM dynamics with the available spatial and temporal resolution. By breaking the close correlation of ELM frequency and plasma parameters, pace making allows the establishment of f(ELM) as a free parameter giving enhanced operational headroom for tailoring H-mode scenarios with acceptable ELMs. Use was made of the pellet pace making tool in several successful applications in different scenarios. It seems that further reduction of the pellet mass could be possible, eventually resulting in less confinement reduction as well.
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