Role of the liver in carnitine metabolism: the mechanism of development of carnitine-deficient status in guinea-pigs.

Alkonyi, I [Alkonyi, István (Biokémia), author] Department of Biochemistry and Medical Chemistry (UP / UPMS); Cseko, J; Sandor, A [Sándor, Attila (Biokémia), author] Department of Biochemistry and Medical Chemistry (UP / UPMS)

English Scientific Article (Journal Article)
    It was shown that carnitine deficiency and an impairment of the conversion of butyrobetaine into carnitine develops not only in ascorbic acid-deficient guinea-pigs but also in partially starved animals. We propose that the same mechanism, an absolute or relative ascorbic acid deficiency, is operating in both nutritional states. An increased urinary excretion greatly contributes to the development of carnitine deficiency in guinea-pigs, both in ascorbic acid deficiency and starvation. With respect to the greatly increased excretion, guinea-pig carnitine deficiency resembles the human disorder and may serve as model for it.
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    2021-12-01 20:11