Application of digital terrain modelling and GIS methods for the morphotectonic investigation of the Kali Basin, Hungary

Jordan, G [Jordán, Győző (Környezetgeológia...), szerző]; Csillag, G [Csillag, Gábor (Rétegtan, geomorf...), szerző]; Szucs, A [Szűcs, Andrea (geológia, vízgeok...), szerző]; Qvarfort, U

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk)
Megjelent: ZEITSCHRIFT FÜR GEOMORPHOLOGIE 0372-8854 0372-8854 47 (2) pp. 145-169 2003
  • SJR Scopus - Geography, Planning and Development: Q1
    The objective of this study was to apply detailed digital terrain modelling to the DEM of the Kali Basin, Hungary, and to study morphological features associated with tectonic structures. Methodology is based on the numerical differential geometry and statistical approach of general geomorphometry. Methods specific to digital terrain modelling, such as shaded relief models, vertical exaggeration, morphological cross-sections and 3D display with image drape are also applied. Resulting terrain models are processed by means of digital image processing techniques to enhance visual interpretation. Characteristic morphological features associated with known faults such as linear valleys, ridgelines and slope-breaks, uniform aspect and steep slopes, morphological depressions and tilt of terrain are subsequently studied. Geological and structural data of various sources and scales, such as geophysical measurements, geological maps and drill core data, existing lineament maps and hydrological data are integrated in a GIS database. Overlay and tectonic interpretation of multi-source information confirmed the findings of morphotectonic analysis. Digital morphotectonic investigation shows that tectonic structures known from previous studies have morphological expressions in the Kali Basin. A simple shear model with principal displacement zone in the NE-SW direction with restraining and releasing bends can explain most of the morphotectonic features associated with structures identified by geological and digital morphotectonic investigations.
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