Magnezium-szulfat intravénás adása után bekövetkező cardiorespiratoricus és elektrolit változások status asthmaticusban [Cardiorespiratory and electrolytic changes in status asthmaticus after intravenous administration of magnesium sulfate]

Barzo, P [Barzó, Pál (Idegsebészet), szerző]; Biro, B; Liptak, E; Gyurcsik, A; Barzo, P Jr; Szabo, T

Magyar nyelvű Tudományos Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk)
Megjelent: ORVOSI HETILAP 0030-6002 1788-6120 134 (29) pp. 1577-1580 1993
  • Pszichológiai Tudományos Bizottság: A
    The authors studied cardiorespiratory effects of MgSO4 infusion in 30 randomized patients with status asthmaticus. They found, that after having the drug administered, values of VC, FEV1, FIV1, PaO2 and pH increased, the respiratory and heart rate, diastolic blood pressure reduced. Other ventilation, blood gas and ECG parameters were unchanged. Among the electrolytes, serum Ca2+ level has reduced, both plasma and intracellular Mg2+ concentrations increased. It is apparent from the results, that broncholytical ability of MgSO4 given in therapeutical dose i.v. does not reach the level of beta-stimulating agents. However, this completed with the cardioprotective, sedative effect as well as more advantageous ion-distribution, influences favourably the asthmatic dyspnoea.
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