A geoelektromos uregkutatas nehany kerdese

Gyulai, A [Gyulai, Ákos (Geofizika), author]

Hungarian Article (Journal Article) Scientific
Published: MAGYAR GEOFIZIKA 0025-0120 39 (2) pp. 43-50 1998
    • Earth and related Environmental sciences
    The paper presents a summary about the methods applied to cave research using geoelectric survey which are as follows: analytical, FD (finite difference) forward modelling, the ones based on qualitative interpretation and data filtering, inversion and tomographical methods. The analysis of apparent resistivity sections (pseudo section) belonging to different configurations was made with FD modelling method and the introduction of a new geoelectric array has been proposed. Having defined new parameter sensitivities the information content of field data was studied and on the basis of that the geoelectric configurations have been compared.
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