Effect of oxidation on the microstructure of carbon blacks

Palotas, AB [Palotás, Árpád Bence (Tüzeléstechnika), author] Tüzeléstani és Hőenergia Intézeti Tanszék (ME / AVK / EMI); Rainey, LC; Sarofim, AF; VanderSande, JB; Ciambelli, P

English Article (Journal Article) Scientific
Published: ENERGY AND FUELS 0887-0624 1520-5029 10 (1) pp. 254-259 1996
    • Other natural sciences
    • Environmental engineering
    • Chemical engineering
    The evolution during oxidation of the internal structure of soot and carbon black particles was studied using high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) and an image analysis system. Increasing ordering to the carbon structure with increasing oxidation is observed. Measures of the increased order are increases in the fractional coverage of a cross section of the particles with a layered structure, a decrease in the mean interlayer spacing, and a decrease in the spread of the interlayer spacing. The changing structure of the carbon black impacts its properties, such as the rate of oxidation.
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