Wiedza i postawy psychiatrów wobec osób uzależnionych od substancji psychoaktywnych oraz sposoby ich leczenia na Węgrzech [Knowledge of and Attitudes About Drug Addicts and Their Treatment Among Psychiatrists in Hungary]

Demetrovics, Z [Demetrovics, Zsolt (Addiktológia), author]; Barth, Á; Bognár, G; Kun, B [Kun, Bernadette (Pszichológia), author]; van den Brink, W

Polish Scientific Article (Journal Article)
Published: ALKOHOLIZM I NARKOMANIA 0867-4361 20 (3) pp. 303-312 2007
  • Pszichológiai Tudományos Bizottság: A
  • MTMT: 1270643
Objective: To investigate the knowledge, opinion and attitude of Hungarian psychiatrists about drug addicts and their treatment. Methods: A total of 118 psychiatrists (40% male, average age 44.4 years) were administered an anonymous questionnaire in 2001. Results: Two thirds of the surveyed professionals (68%) preferred other cases than addicted patients, and 75% preferred alcohol patients to drug addicts. Most of the professionals considered drug addiction as something not particularly psychiatric. They rather suggest detoxification at internal-intensive units followed by rehabilitation as a combination of psychiatric and social care. In addition to the rejection of drug addicted patients, several gaps in the knowledge of psychiatrists about addiction related issues were identified. Conclusion: In view of the present results it seems necessary to provide more education for psychiatrist about addiction related issues and also training to increase their acceptance of and responsibility for drug addict patients.
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