Identification of Mixing Mechanisms by Evaluation of Concentration Patterns

Gyenis, J [Gyenis, János (Vegyipari művelet...), author]

English Scientific Conference paper (Conference paper)
    • MTMT: 1163106
    Solids mixing is a complex process to obtain uniform mixture of ingredients distributed among each other as uniformly as possible. To fulfill this requirement, it is necessary to understand the elementary processes acting during this operation. The main questions are that how, at which rate, and to what extent is the mixing going on, i.e. the mechanism and kinetics of the process have to be cleared up. Mechanism is a qualitative feature, characterizing the way of intermingling. Since it influences significantly the rate of the process and the achievable homogeneity, any information on the acting mechanism can serve as the basis to improve the operation. In this paper, some methods are outlined, which is applicable to clear up the way of mixing as a diagnostic tool.
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    2021-12-06 21:35