Drying of heat sensitive materials of high moisture content on inert particles in mechanically spouted bed dryers

Gyenis, J [Gyenis, János (Vegyipari művelet...), szerző] Műszaki Kémiai Kutatóintézet (PE / MIK); Pallai-Varsányi, E; Tóth, J [Tóth, Judit (Részecsketechnoló...), szerző] Anyag- és Környezetkémiai Intézet (MTA KK)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Könyvrészlet)
    • MTMT: 1161569
    In this paper, the results of drying of two heat sensitive materials, namely tomato concentrate and bovine serum albumin obtained in laboratory scale mechanically spouted bed dryers are reported. After an overview on the main features of the Mechanical Spouted Bed (MSB) method and equipment, the construction data and operational parameters of the dryers used for the task are discussed. Due to the low operating temperature and short residence time, mild drying of tomato pulp could be carried out without significant loss of colour, taste and Vitamin C content. The method was also beneficial to overcome the possible difficulties that may come from the thermoplastic behaviour of tomato pulp. For drying aqueous protein solution (bovine serum albumin) the optimal conditions were determined to obtain suitable particle size, moisture content and soluble protein content in the product.
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    2021-10-25 18:41