Drying of Heat Sensitive Materials of High Moisture Content in Mechanically Spouted Bed of Inert Particles

Gyenis, J [Gyenis, János (Vegyipari művelet...), szerző] Műszaki Kémiai Kutatóintézet (PE / MIK); Pallai-Varsányi, E; Tóth, J [Tóth, Judit (Részecsketechnoló...), szerző] Anyag- és Környezetkémiai Intézet (MTA KK)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Könyvrészlet)
    • MTMT: 1161552
    • REAL: 5910
    In drying operation the material characteristics such as heat sensitivity, moisture content and particle size are of great importance, which should be taken into account in selection of proper design and conditions for the process. Rigorous quality requirements, i.e. gentle drying of heat sensitive materials, stable, well-controlled and economic operation can be fulfilled by using Mechanically Spouted Bed (MSB) dryer with inert particles developed to eliminate some drawbacks of the conventional spouted bed dryers. In this paper the construction and the main features of MSB-dryer are presented. Different tasks with special quality demands, namely drying of bovine serum albumin and moisture removal from tomato pulp of thermoplastic behaviour, and a method to accomplish these requirements are shown.
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    2021-10-28 20:11