Modeling the oscillatory bromate oxidation of ferroin in open systems

Kéki, S [Kéki, Sándor (kémia), author] Department of Applied Chemistry (UD / IChem); Magyar, I; Beck, MT [Beck, Mihály (kémikus), author] Department of Physical Chemistry (UD / IChem); Gáspár, V [Gáspár, Vilmos (Reakciókinetika), author] Department of Physical Chemistry (UD / IChem)

English Scientific Article (Journal Article)
Published: JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY US 0022-3654 96 pp. 1725-1729 1992
      A model for the ferroin-bromate-bromide-sulfuric acid system in a continuously stirred (flow-through) tank reactor has been constructed by extending the Noyes-Field-Thompson mechanism with the following composite processes: (a) ferroin-bromate, (b) ferroin-bromous acid, (c) ferroin-hypobromous acid, (d) ferroin-bromine, (e) feriin-bromide, and (f) ferriin-bromine. The calculated high amplitude oscillations and kinetic phase diagram are in good accordance with the experiments reported earlier. By completing the scheme with a reaction step accounting for the precipitation and dissolution of a ferroin-tribromide salt, the batch oscillations found at high concentrations of reactants can also be simulated.
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